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We write about OSINT methods, tools and techniques.

Mapping the 2016 Russian Hack into the DNC


Cyber attacks are rarely a purely technical fist. Most rely on a mix of social engineering targeting humans'...

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How Prigozhin wins friends and discredits foes in Africa



Analysts tracking Wagner have frequently speculated on the relationship between shadowy organisations conducting...

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Why is due diligence important [Case Study]

Due diligence has become an essential step in any business decision. Whether it is for investment purposes, client...

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Prigozhin's war profiteering empire

It is well known that Russia’s oligarchs and their enterprises are used by the Kremlin to help achieve its foreign...

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Doing Putin's bidding

The Wagner Group, a PMC owned by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, first appeared in eastern Ukraine in 2014 where...

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The Russian PMCs landscape

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been working diligently to restore what he sees as his country’s rightful place...

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The best 17 twitter accounts about OSINT to follow

With the advent of the digital era, both the volume and sources of openly available information have exploded....

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Everything you need to know about graph visualisation [Explained through Money Heist]

What is more important than data consolidation? Making sense of that data and communicating it to others. With...

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Why freedom of speech matters to OSINT?

In a little over a month, the #StopHateForProfit campaign has become global. Hundreds of brands are joining the...

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Will the OSINT analyst be replaced by automation?

Traditionally, OSINT has been the application of intelligence methods and tradecrafts to openly available...

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