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We write about OSINT methods, tools and techniques.

Julien Grossmann

Julien Grossmann
Julien is reKnowledge CEO. He is a former senior intelligence analyst with nearly 10 years experience developing technological solutions to improve the intelligence tradecraft.
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Cyber Defence Case Study

With more and more business taking place online, preventing hacking attacks has become a critical function for all...

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Why is due diligence important [Case Study]

Due diligence has become an essential step in any business decision. Whether it is for investment purposes, client...

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Why freedom of speech matters to OSINT?

In a little over a month, the #StopHateForProfit campaign has become global. Hundreds of brands are joining the...

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Will the OSINT analyst be replaced by automation?

Traditionally, OSINT has been the application of intelligence methods and tradecrafts to openly available...

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Why is OSINT so central to intelligence?

The technological revolution has impacted all areas of intelligence – human intelligence (HUMINT), signal...

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How reKnowledge makes complex research faster and more accurate

I was recently asked to explain how reKnowledge could have helped a journalist investigation such as the Panama...

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You might be doing OSINT without knowing it

OSINT - open-source intelligence - is as old as intelligence itself. In many ways, it is the foundation of all...

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