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We write about OSINT methods, tools and techniques.

Kameliya Nikolova

Kameliya Nikolova
Kameliya Nikolova is the person in charge of most marketing processes for reKnowledge. She is passionate about content creation and copywriting. She frequently edits and creates publications about reKnowledge's Blog and social media accounts.
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Recent Posts

The OSINT problem of social media policies [Twitter, Parler, Gab]

Social media is now more than ever a place to socialise and connect with people. Additionally, a significant...

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The 8 Most Common Misconceptions About OSINT

Intelligence is often referred to as a cloak and dagger tradecraft. Associated with mystery, intrigue, espionage,...

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10 examples of OSINT used for good

With the democratisation of OSINT, more and more ordinary people began using it. But did you know some of them have...

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The best 17 twitter accounts about OSINT to follow

With the advent of the digital era, both the volume and sources of openly available information have exploded....

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Everything you need to know about graph visualisation [Explained through Money Heist]

What is more important than data consolidation? Making sense of that data and communicating it to others. With...

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