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We write about OSINT methods, tools and techniques.

U.S. Politics and Nonprofit: a case study in corruption

One of the most important but unnoticed changes in the field of investigative research in recent years is the...

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Mapping the 2016 Russian Hack into the DNC


Cyber attacks are rarely a purely technical fist. Most rely on a mix of social engineering targeting humans'...

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How Prigozhin wins friends and discredits foes in Africa



Analysts tracking Wagner have frequently speculated on the relationship between shadowy organisations conducting...

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Prigozhin's war profiteering empire

It is well known that Russia’s oligarchs and their enterprises are used by the Kremlin to help achieve its foreign...

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Doing Putin's bidding

The Wagner Group, a PMC owned by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, first appeared in eastern Ukraine in 2014 where...

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The Russian PMCs landscape

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been working diligently to restore what he sees as his country’s rightful place...

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How reKnowledge makes complex research faster and more accurate

I was recently asked to explain how reKnowledge could have helped a journalist investigation such as the Panama...

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