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We write about OSINT methods, tools and techniques.

U.S. Politics and Nonprofit: a case study in corruption

One of the most important but unnoticed changes in the field of investigative research in recent years is the...

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The OSINT problem of social media policies [Twitter, Parler, Gab]

Social media is now more than ever a place to socialise and connect with people. Additionally, a significant...

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The 8 Most Common Misconceptions About OSINT

Intelligence is often referred to as a cloak and dagger tradecraft. Associated with mystery, intrigue, espionage,...

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10 examples of OSINT used for good

With the democratisation of OSINT, more and more ordinary people began using it. But did you know some of them have...

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The best 17 twitter accounts about OSINT to follow

With the advent of the digital era, both the volume and sources of openly available information have exploded....

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Why freedom of speech matters to OSINT?

In a little over a month, the #StopHateForProfit campaign has become global. Hundreds of brands are joining the...

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Will the OSINT analyst be replaced by automation?

Traditionally, OSINT has been the application of intelligence methods and tradecrafts to openly available...

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Why is OSINT so central to intelligence?

The technological revolution has impacted all areas of intelligence – human intelligence (HUMINT), signal...

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You might be doing OSINT without knowing it

OSINT - open-source intelligence - is as old as intelligence itself. In many ways, it is the foundation of all...

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